Bintang Bokep Sasha Grey di Video Klip Eminem Space Bound

Video Youtube Musik Eminem Space Bound - Berikut inilah Video Youtube tentan video Klip Eminem yang berjudul Space Bound, dil dalam video klip ini yang menjadi sorotan adalah model video klip ini, yaitu Sasha Grey yang adalah bintang film dewasa asal Amerika Serikat

Sasha juga pernah main yang berjudul film Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul. dalam Video Klip Eminem Space Bound ia didaulat menjadi sosok gadis yang dicintai oleh Eminem.

Koleksi Foto Sasha Grey

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Space Bound

"Space Bound" is a song by American rapper Eminem, which was announced to be released as the fourth single from his seventh studio album Recovery. The song is produced by American hip-hop producer Jim Jonsin.[1]

The music video was shot in February 2011, by director Joseph Kahn and features model and former pornagraphic actress Sasha Grey. The video was released to iTunes Store on June 24, 2011. It is about a couple in which the girlfriend, played by Sasha Grey, is secretly cheating on her boyfriend, Eminem, which turns into a violent conflict. The video shows two sides of Eminem; one who is calm and loves his girlfriend and one who is aggressive and doesn't. The music video received attention for a scene in which Eminem shoots himself in the head in frustration, with blood spurting from the wound.


"Space Bound" was written by Eminem, British songwriter Steve McEwan, and Jim Jonsin, the latter having produced the track with keyboards from Danny Morris. The chorus is sung by McEwan,[2] who also provided guitars.[3] The song was recorded by Robert Marks in Parkland Playhouse and Mike Strange and Joe Strange in Effigy Studios. It features an interpolation of "Drive" by R.E.M..[4][5] and "Song for Bob" by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.[6]

It was mixed by Eminem, Mike Strange and Marks. On February of 2011, "Space Bound" was announced to be released as the fourth single off of Recovery, after "No Love".[7]

Eminem shooting himself in a motel. This is a climactic scene in the music video.

The music video for "Space Bound" starts with Eminem walking on a quiet road at night, near a forest. Shortly after, he gets picked up by his girlfriend (played by Sasha Grey). At this point, when Eminem gets into the car, there are two of him; there is one alone in the back seat, who is frustrated, paranoid and "hurling insults at Grey",[18] and one sitting in the car next to Grey who is quiet, calm and in love. Grey takes out a lighter and cigarette to have a smoke. Shortly, the alternate Eminem disappears and the couple stop at a motel/bar.

Eminem 'splits' into two once again as he enters the bar. This is done with the screen splitting midway. The original Eminem goes to sit with Sasha in a table, while the other goes to sit on a bar stool. While the original Eminem and Sasha Grey are seated, Grey takes out her cell phone from her purse and sends a text message to an unknown person. She puts back the phone as she leaves to go to the restroom. While Grey is gone, Eminem curiously takes out Grey's phone to see what she did on it, leaving him in confusion.[19][18] He quickly puts the phone back as Sasha comes back. Meanwhile, the alternate Eminem raps sitting on a bar stool.

The couple later go to a motel room and receive a knock on the motel door. Eminem goes to answer but no one is seen. Suddenly, he has a flashback and starts to make sense of the cell phone, which showed 'Unknown caller', and a gun found in Sasha Grey's car along with the lighter and cigarette. He instantly goes to strangle his girlfriend, who suddenly disappears, leaving Eminem alone. He picks up Sasha's pistol and shoots himself in the jaw, with blood spurting from the back of his head. This also affects the alternate Eminem, who is still in the bar, similar to a voodoo doll effect. Eminem presumably dies at this point. This graphic scene is completely cut out in the UK MTV airing, pro-longing several previous frames through slow-motion instead.

The video then rewinds fast, from when Eminem shoots himself, to when the couple go to the bar. The beginning scene repeats itself and Eminem is picked up. They drive off to end the video.

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